School Improvement Plan

Key Priorities for 2016-17

Our three school priorities focus on driving standards and expectations.

Learning for Greater Depth

a) Talk – Children can use talk to reason and explain their learning
b) Application – Children use their understanding and apply it in different contexts
c) Self-Assessment – Children make accurate judgements about their own learning
d) Peer Assessment – Children use their skills to work with their peers

Quality provision for quality outcomes

a) Teaching – There are high expectations in teaching and outcomes
b) Interventions – Interventions are effective for all groups of learners
c) Assessment – Assessment drives the next steps in learning
d) Individual needs – Children with special educational needs make good progress

Children as Leaders

a) Learning Powers – Learning powers drive the climate for learning
b) Pupil Parliament – Children make a strong contribution to school life
c) High Ability – Children have wide ranging opportunities to apply high order skills
d) Jigsaw Ambassadors – Children lead by example