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23.1.18 Quiz Club

This week’s winning team was Pom Pom Squad with 8/10.

  1. Which 2 colours mix together to make purple?
  2. How many wheels to 17 tricycles have?
  3. Which of these shapes do not tessellate with other identical shapes? SQUARE, CIRCLE, RECTANGLE
  4. Re-arrange these letter to make a school subject. EGAPGORYH
  5. What does the French word ‘cheval’ mean?
  6. Which planet lies between Venus and Mars?
  7. What does the Roman numeral V stand for?
  8. Name the lion from the book, The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe.
  9. Which mythological horse-like creature has a horn on its head?
  10. Which family film features the character Kevin Mccallister?


1)red and blue     2) 51     3) circle     4) geography     5) horse      6)Earth      7) 5     8) Aslan    9) unicorn    10) Home Alone

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