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30.1.18 Quiz

This week’s winning team was In It To Win It with 9/10

  1. Which of these is a prime number? 24, 17, 51
  2. If something happen bi-annually, how many times per year does it happen?
  3. Which is the greater distance – a kilometre or a mile?
  4. Which colour ball should never be potted in snooker?
  5. Add together all the numbers on a 12 hour clock. What is the total?
  6. Which breed of dog did Cruella De Vil try and steal?
  7. Rearrange to form a food. OATTMO
  8. Who is next in line to the throne?
  9. How many wives did Henry 8th have?
  10. Complete the book title – Harry Potter and the Half …


1)17   2) 2 times   3) mile    4) white     5) 78    6) Dalmatian     7)Tomato      8) Prince Charles     9) 6 wives    10)  Blood Prince

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