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6.2.18 Quiz

This week’s winning team was Pom Pom Squad with 5/10

  1. On which day does Easter day occur?
  2. What is the capital of Spain?
  3. Which 2 colours make up the English flag?
  4. What name is given to the hot liquid that spills out of volcanoes?
  5. How many in a dozen?
  6. How many spots altogether on a regular dice?
  7. What does SOS stand for?
  8. Re-arrange these to make a fairy tale  TOWSHENWI
  9. What is the fastest land animal?
  10. What word beginning with P occurs when a plant uses light to make food?


1)Sunday   2) Madrid   3) red and white    4) lava     5) 12    6) 21     7)Save Our Souls      8) Snow White     9) cheetah    10)  photosynthesis

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