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10.4.18 Quiz

This week’s winning team was In It To Win It with 7/10.

  1. Which fictional character asked “Please Sir, can I have some more”?
  2. In the nursery rhyme, how many blind mice were there?
  3. What does the Roman numeral X stand for?
  4. How many years are in a century?
  5. In which country could you visit Tower Bridge?
  6. What is the name of Mickey Mouse’s girlfriend?
  7. If you get up at 7:40am and leave the house an hour and a half later what time do you leave the house?
  8. What was the name given to the bad weather that overtook the country in March?
  9. In England which side of the road do we drive on?
  10. In the Easter story who betrayed Jesus?
  1. Oliver Twist   2) 3   3) 10   4) 100     5) England    6) Minnie     7) 9:10am      8) Beast from the East     9) Left     10)  Judas
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