28.11.17 Quiz

This week’s winners was again ‘Pretty Little Things’ with 7 out of 10. Pom Pom Squad also got 7 out of 10 so it went to a tie-break question which was “In which year did Prince Charles and Diana get married?”

How many would you have got correct?

Q1. In the song ’12 Days of Christmas’ how many gold rings were given?

Q2. Which Royal has got engaged this week?

Q3. 1st December marks the start of what in the Christian calendar?

Q4. Florence Nightingale was known as the Lady with the…?

Q5. In Harry Potter, the Triwizard Tournament is traditionally a tournament between how many wizards?

Q6. Who is Batman’s sidekick?

Q7. How many faces do 4 square-based pyramids have?

Q8. California is on the East side of America. True or false?

Q9. Rearrange these letters to make a fruit traditionally found in a Christmas stocking. STUMASA

Q10. What word beginning with E describes the process that happens to the water when a puddle dries up?



Q1. 5 Q2. Prince Harry. Q3. Advent. Q4. Lamp. Q5. 3. Q6. Robin. Q7. 20. Q8. False. Q9. Satsuma. Q10. Evaporation