9.1.18 Quiz

This week’s winner was Alathea!

How many would you have got correct?

Q1. If Christmas Day falls on a Tuesday what day will New Year’s Day be on?

Q2. What is the main colour of Mickey Mouse’s sorcerer’s hat?

Q3. In the Wizard of Oz who does Dorothy meet immediately after the scarecrow?

Q4. How many legs do 7 insects have?

Q5. The Rockerfeller Center is found in which city?

Q6. What date is Valentine’s Day?

Q7. What is the name of your two front teeth?

Q8. How many Kkgs in 1 million grammes?

Q9. What would you find inside a sarcophagus?

Q10. Reaarange these letters to form a time of the year YERAFBUR?


Q1. Tuesday Q2. Blue Q3. Tin Man. Q4. 42. Q5. New York. Q6. 14th February. Q7. Incisors. Q8. 1000. Q9. A mummy Q10. February