Ethos and British Values

Our Ethos

Be the best you can be

At Balby Central we pride ourselves on our strong inclusive ethos and rich cultural diversity which celebrates each child’s uniqueness and individuality. Our approach is driven by high expectations of learning and behaviour as we encourage all children ‘to be the best they can be’. As a school we aim to provide a safe and stimulating learning environment which supports rich learning experiences and where children can develop as individuals academically, socially and emotionally. Each aspect of the curriculum focuses on quality teaching and child centred learning to encourage our children from an early age to become independent, achieve well and make good progress. We believe that the links we have with parents, governors and the local community are essential to achieve the aspirational goals we have for our children.

At Balby Central Primary Academy we are committed to providing opportunities for children to explore their own culture and to have a clear understanding and appreciation of cultural influences that have shaped modern Britain today.  Our core belief is underpinned by ‘Respect’ – respect for ourselves, respect for each other, respect for the environment and to understand how we show respect and tolerance for different faiths, beliefs and systems. We are a school for all.

British Values


  • Children have opportunity to have their voices heard with our Pupil Voice Towers, School Parliament, Head Boy and Girl all focused on democratic processes and influence decisions made in the school.
  • Our PSHE curriculum is based around questions and challenges children to make decisions and vote through class discussions.
  • Year 6 Residential to London incorporates a tour of  The Houses of Parliament.
  • Regular assemblies focus on News of the Week and give children opportunity to understand democracy and laws in Great Britain.
  • Assemblies focus on the importance of democracy with suffrogrates, Magna Carta and how democracy has changed and developed.

The Rule of Law

  • Children follow a clear PSHE programme which includes Crucial Crew programme, links with our PCSO.
  • Our Behaviour Policy focuses on children making decisions for themselves and understanding why respect is at the core of our beliefs which stakeholders follow and understand.
  • Assemblies focus on the law through Safety Awareness, visitors to the school e.g police and fire services, an understanding of how law originated.
  • Children are taught sessions which focus on the expectations of citizens in society and how the law is to protect us.

Individual Liberty

  • School aims and ethos are simple and embedded.
  • Children have many key roles and  responsibilities which include Mini Pulse Leaders, Librarians, Office Angels, Personal Assistants, Lunch Team and Friendship Buddies.
  • Children are actively encouraged to make choices and take responsibility for themselves in a safe and supportive environment.
  • Our curriculum clubs provide children with the freedom to make choices with information to access in their local community.

Acceptance of Different Beliefs and Faiths

  • Religious Education is taught through a broad and balanced curriculum focused on a range of faiths, religions and cultures.
  • We celebrate different nationalities in our school using different resources to promote learning in culturally diverse society.

Mutual Respect

  • Our Behaviour Policy and PSHE curriculum is focused on respect for all.
  • Sports Activities promote fairness and equalities.
  • Our Pitch Friday assembly focuses on pride and values what we have achieved across the school with others and in our newsletters.