Quiz Club

21.11.17 Quiz

This week’s winners of the quiz was the team ‘Pretty Little Things’ with a fantastic 9 out of 10!

How many would you have got correct?

Q1. All Hallows Eve gives rise to which celebration?

Q2. How many are in 6 dozen?

Q3. What is the name of an angle greater than 90 degrees?

Q4. O2 is the chemical symbol for what?

Q5. What was Little Miss Muffet eating whilst sitting on her tuffet?

Q6. What is the main ingredient in an omelette?

Q7. What does it mean if something is opaque?

Q8. Unscramble these letters to form a Roald Dahl story. TAMILAD

Q9. Where would you find the Golden Gate Bridge?

Q10. What is the name of the tunnel linking France and England?



Q1. Halloween. Q2. 72. Q3. Obtuse. Q4. Oxygen. Q5. Curds and Whey. Q6. Egg. Q7. You cannot see through it. Q8. Matilda. Q9. San Francisco. Q10. The Channel Tunnel.

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