Year 5 & 6’s class page

Year 6 Big Write

Year 6 enjoyed putting together the final draft for their ‘radio advertisement’ for ‘Charon’s Cabs’ taxi firm.

Sadly, we have now finished ‘Who Let the Gods Out?’ The children enjoyed reading the hilarious, final chapter. Unfortunately, they were not too keen on the ‘cliff-hanger’ ending – luckily though we discovered that there is a second and third book!

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Year 5 transition day at Balby Carr

The children in year 5 had a fantastic day visiting Balby Carr for a transition event on Monday. They were able to experience a variety of lessons, including art, technology, P.E and science. In art, the children sketched images of superhero logos. In technology, the children made pizzas and finger puppets. In P.E, the children enjoyed a bench ball tournament, and in science, the children used bunsen burners to investigate what happens when different metals are heated. The children should be extremely proud of their effort and behaviour whilst visiting Balby Carr as they were a credit to our school- well done Year 5!!!

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World Book Day 2018!

The children in year 5 completed an exciting maths investigation on World Book Day! Their task was to create a scale model of the solar system in the hall (linking with our Space topic in science). However, the children only had toilet roll to measure with- no rulers, tape measures or metre sticks!  1 piece of toilet roll was equal to 10 million km! The children worked together in small groups to measure the distance of each planet from the Sun. Prizes were given to the team who showed the best effort, accuracy and most importantly- teamwork! 

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Who Let the Gods Out?

As part of our topic ‘launch’, 5/6 hosted a ‘star-gazing’ night with ‘proper hot chocolate’ (with ALL the trimmings). We watched videos for tips on what to look for and then had a go at identifying planets and constellations ourselves. We used the iPads and a real telescope to do this!

This stimulus was then used to produce our writing: ‘A Guide to Constellations’.

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