Our Inclusion Team

Here at Balby Central Primary Academy we strongly believe in helping every child reach their full potential.  Sometimes our children may need a little extra help and support to succeed in their education.  We have a strong inclusion programme which helps tailor learning to every child’s needs.

The inclusion team work around the school supporting children with specific needs. With sessions on a 1:1 basis, play therapy and sensory sessions. The Inclusion team also work with small groups to help build self-esteem and form friendships.

There are several groups run by the team such as:

Lego Therapy:

Lego can help develop and reinforce play and social skills such as:

  • Verbal and non-verbal communication
  • Joint attention
  • Task focus
  • Sharing and turn-taking
  • Collaborative problem-solving

TOCKS: Time out Club for Kids

This is an after school programme run to enable children to play with peers in a safe environment.

Busy Bees Sewing Club:

Is a small club run to provide a safe haven for children to help build their self-confidence and have an opportunity to talk through any concerns they may have about school or home.

We have a range of staff trained in the use of alternative therapies such as Talk & Draw Therapy, Attachment Therapy and Autism+.

What support the Inclusion team can offer:

  • Bereavement and loss
  • Feeling vulnerable
  • Friendship difficulties
  • Self esteem and confidence
  • Bullying
  • Managing emotions
  • Raising aspirations
  • Motivation
  • Raising achievements
  • Attendance
  • Behaviour support
  • Parenting support

The Inclusion team consists of:

inclusion-gemmalakinGemma Lakin – Assistant Head of school responsible for the Inclusion team.

Gemma Lakin works with other teachers and with parents to ensure that all children with special educational needs obtain the right support and help the children need at school.


inclusion-ellenslackEllen Slack – Learning & Welfare Mentor

Ellen Slack works with our Key Stage 2 children offering assistance to the class teachers to help identify children’s needs.  She also runs several clubs and is the designated Diabetic Liaison Officer for school.

If you would like to speak to a member of the Inclusion Team please contact school: [email protected] or 01302 321914

Attendance Support

The Attendance Support team work with parents to help promote better attendance within school. We have several initiatives and reward schemes in place to encourage pupil to maintain great attendance, these include:

Stamper Book Scheme – for Pupils with less than 95% attendance to receive stamps each day they attend school and receive a prize when their book is full.

Piggy Bank Whole Class Reward Scheme – classes with 95%+ attendance each week receive a sum of money which is added up at the end of the year and the class gets to spend the money on anything from end of year parties to sponsoring an endangered animal.

Certificates are given out to children with attendance above 95%. Rewards are handed out for 100% attendance for each half-term and full year.

Look out for:

Our inclusion team run ‘Parenting Courses’ throughout the year covering many different issues parents may face while their child is at school. Look out for details of these on our website and in our Newsletters.

We also offer ‘Talking Family’ sessions on a half-termly basis. These sessions are based around books that help to encourage children to share, form successful peer relationships and learn about the world around them.

They also offer parents an opportunity to come into the school and take part in craft activities with their children, which are tailored around these books.